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April 5, 2022
Great, long time, idle management game! Can play in browser and on multiple devices, too! The best part is, it is 100% free with NO ADS!

The biggest airline manager tycoon

Manage every aspect of your airline in true tycoon fashion. Control everything from staff to cargo size to CO2 emissions. Keep your staff happy by giving them pay raises or you can cut their salary when you are in a financial crisis.
Customize your airplanes to hold cargo, passengers or both. You can select the amount of economy, business and first class seat for each plane and select the price for each every time you take off. Before taking off on new routes, you have the option to modify your planes. You can increase speed, decrease CO2 emissions and decrease fuel spend too. Every detail matters when you are optimizing your economy.

An airline sim with most features

Dive deeper than in any other airline manager tycoon strategy game and control every small aspect of your airline. Beat your friends and other real life managers to top the airplane games leaderboards by controlling the most aerial routes. And if they beat you, you can always use the stock market to buy shares in their companies and make profit off them.

Become the CEO of a tycoon empire of cargo and travel flight routes and utilize your complicated strategy to be the new boss of aviation in this advanced airplane simulator.

This game is 100% ad free.

Note: An online internet-connection is required to play this game.

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